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Subject: Re: id ftp server stream directly to database
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005

"Maarten Bakker" <m.j.bakk…> wrote in message

> I have a webcam that can send images to a ftpserver. I want
> to use the indy component for this. I want to store the images
> directly to the database without storing them to the harddrive first.

Ok so far.

> I have tried to capture the "VStream" in the IdFTPServer1RetrieveFile
> event but that only works when I save it to a file.

OnRetreiveFile is for downloading data from the server to the client.  Not
for uploading data from the client to the server.  Use the OnStoreFile event
instead for uploading.

> In other words, I can't copy that stream to my blob field

Yes, you can.  Assign VStream to be the blob stream itself.  Then the data
will go directly to the database.

> LoadFromStream simply does not work

There is no LoadFromStream() method in blob streams, or any other stream for
that matter.  Or are you trying to call LoadFromStream() on a blob field
directly instead?

> The stream remains empthy.

Then you are not using it correctly to begin with.  Your code should be
doing something like the following:

    procedure TForm1.IdFTPServerStoreFile(ASender: TIdFTPServerThread; const
AFileName: string; AAppend: Boolean; var VStream: TStream);
        BlobField: TField;
        BlobField := ...;
        if AAppend then begin
            VStream := MyDataSet.CreateBlobStream(BlobField, bmReadWrite);
            VStream.Seek(0, soFromEnd);
        end else begin
            VStream := MyDataSet.CreateBlobStream(BlobField, bmWrite);

To download a file from a database field to the client:

    procedure TForm1.IdFTPServer1RetreiveFile(ASender: TIdFTPServerThread;
const AFileName: string; var VStream: TStream);
        BlobField: TField;
        BlobField := ...;
        VStream := MyDataSet.CreateBlobStream(BlobField, bmRead);

In both cases, make sure your database code is thread-safe, since
TIdFTPServer is multi-threaded.



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