Indy + Kylix - what are the limits?

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Subject: Indy + Kylix - what are the limits?
Posted by:  Filipe (fili…
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005

Hello, I've created an service application that maintains persistent
connections to my clients. Until now we only have administering networks
with about 35~50 clients. But now, a customer asked if the software will
work with a 1000~2000 clients network. I have no answer, I know that
Linux boxes with kernel before 2.6 won't work because that kernels don't
create therads, but sub-processes. Linux kernel 2.6 possibly will work
but I'm not sure.
I was planning to change my Indy source (version 9.0.18 I think), to
create a thread to mannage 10 connections instead of using one thread
per connection, but I have no idea of how much work this will require.
Because of this, I thought in re-write my server in Java, but if I can
to change Indy code to supports this, will be very better.