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Subject: Re: idDnsResolver features+bugfixes
Posted by:  Ben Taylor (to_b…
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005

Here's a list of fixes/changes:

Added support for SVR and NAPTR records. (Used for SIP/VOIP)
(parts by Frank Shearar)

Added TResultRecord.Section, .FilterBySection , .FilterByClass
DNS lookups can now be generated exactly the same as NsLookup.

Improved .Assign support on many objects. QueryResult object+items can
now be properly cloned.

TIdDNSResolver.FDNSHeader was a public field, now it's a public readonly
property, TIdDNSResolver.DNSHeader

fixed TMXRecord.Parse bug, .Preference will now contain correct value.

fixed TTextRecord.Parse issue. DomainKeys (yahoo's anti-spam method) can
now be used.

Minor cleanups/spelling errors fixed.


Can someone help with getting this reviewed/committed? I'd upload the
file, but there's no .attachments group...



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idDnsResolver features+bugfixes posted by Ben Taylor on Mon, 04 Apr 2005