TIdStream in Indy 9.17

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Subject: TIdStream in Indy 9.17
Posted by:  sean buck (sbu…@tcr.com)
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005

I have been working with IdStream objects for the past couple of days,
and I keep running into problems using them.

I have scoured the demos, the Indy In Depth e-book, and these
newsgroups for an example of a program that uses this class, but I have
been unable to find one.

In my code, I am declaring a variable as local to the procedure.  I am
setting it up with "stmEnvelope := TIdStream.create;".  The problem
occurs when I try to write data to the stream using its methods.

For troubleshooting purposes, I have replaced the TIdStream with a
TMemoryStream and adjusted to use its write method.  The code is
working fine.

I would like to use the IdStream because it has the network-order
conversion pieces built in.

Would someone point me in the direction of an example or let me know if
there is a glitch in version 9.17 that is contributing to my problem?