EIdConnClosedGracefully in TIdFTP::List()

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Subject: EIdConnClosedGracefully in TIdFTP::List()
Posted by:  Mark Di Nicola (…@where.com)
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005

i recently upgraded to 9.0.18 (using bcb6 pro) and i'm having a problem
with the following code...

std::auto_ptr<TStringList> DirList(new TStringList());
std::auto_ptr<TStringList> FileList(new TStringList());

if (!Ftp->Connected())
    Ftp->Connect(true, 120000);

if (RemoteDir != "")

Ftp->OnStatus = NULL;


for (int i=0;i<FileList->Count;i++) {

    if (DebugOn) {
        LogMessage = "Searching for " + FileList->Strings[i];
        SyncFunction = sfLog;

    Ftp->List(DirList.get(), FileList->Strings[i], false); <-- here

i can step through connecting to the ftp server ok but as soon as it
gets to Ftp->List() i always, without fail, get an
EIdConnClosedGracefully exception. this started happening right after i
changed DirList to an auto_ptr and upgrading indy from 9.0.14 to 9.0.18.
if i change DirList back to a normal pointer it doesn't make a difference.

is there something wrong in 9.0.18 or is it something i'm doing?