Re: D9/Indy10: The procedure entry point @Idtstrings@initialization$qqrv could n

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Subject: Re: D9/Indy10: The procedure entry point @Idtstrings@initialization$qqrv could n
Posted by:  Kent Briggs (
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005

Warren Postma wrote:

> Okay, I am trying to rebuild Indy10 from sources, and I have dealt with
> similar issues in the past but this ttime I'm stumped. I wanted to
> rebuild Indy 10 from sources (from the internet) not the version that
> ships with Delphi 2005, and no matter what I do, I get this error.

I remember getting the same error but not sure at what point. The two
things that messed me up were installing (not compiling) the dc files
and the location of the .bpl files. Installing required right-clicking
in the upper-right window and the .bpl files had to be moved from deep
in the Documents and Settings folder to the Delphi Bin folder.  Also,
the compiled dcu files are now with the source files instead of a
separate folder so either move those also or adjust the library path.

Kent Briggs,
Briggs Softworks,



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