Another INDY 10.0 stable release soon?

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Subject: Another INDY 10.0 stable release soon?
Posted by:  Warren Postma (…
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005

I just converted the 8 or so in-house TCP clients/servers components
based on Indy9 to Indy10.

During this conversion I found out from newsgroup posts that:
    (1) One of the important functions is missing from the released version
(RawToBytes or something like that)
    (2) I found several incomplete documents containing a list of all the
"Replace This->With This" when converting from Indy 9 to Indy 10.

Along with, it is reasonably straightforward, but it
seems to me that a very simple INDY9 to INDY10 SOURCE CONVERSION
REFERENCE TABLE saying "ReadFromStack" is now "CheckForDataOnSource",
and so on, and so on would be very handy.

Given that the function RawToBytes is missing and that many people have
probably written code for INDY9 that uses Socket.Send() and
Socket.Recv() that previously operated on raw pascal RECORD types,
shouldn't a new release ZIP be prepared that is not missing this
important function?


Warren Postma