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Subject: Re: Status of FPC port
Posted by:  Jason Southwell (jas…
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005

> Hello, in previous posts of Marco Van de Voort, he spook that it was
> planing to port indy project to freepascal/lazarus. This port has
> made some evolution?  There is another project indy4lazarus in the
> sourceforge but I think it is stalled because we don't see none news.
> If none projects is being developed I would to know if the indy team
> considers this port to get official in the indy's code and if may I
> be a volunteer in this port?

There has been some progress, but not much AFAIK.  But it is absolutely
on it's way as it is also a goal of the CrossFPC group.

Jason Southwell

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