The procedure entry point ... could not be found

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Subject: The procedure entry point ... could not be found
Posted by:  John Small (jo…
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005

I'm working in D6 SP 2 with RTL 3 installed on a Win2k sp 2 machine. I'm
copying a complete Delphi installation from an old machine to a new machine
and I'm trying to install Indy 9. I downloaded the "EZ installation package"
from AtoZed and after running it, when I opened up Delphi I got the
"Procedure entry point ... not found error" so I thought OK I'll just copy
the complete directory from the old machine where it works perfectly and try
again. No luck I get a procedure entry point not found error again. Now this
is clearly strange as both Delphi installations have SP 2 and RTL 3 packs
installed, but one loads Indy and the other doesn't

Any thoughts from anyone?


John Small