Do I need a client certificate when using FTP over TLS?

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Subject: Do I need a client certificate when using FTP over TLS?
Posted by:  Bryan Feeney (b.feen…
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005

I've written a program for the encryption and transmission of files.
They are encrypted locally and then transferred. Because FTP sends out
passwords in the clear, I chose to use FTP over TLS, to secure the
login. I'm using Indy 10, Delphi 2005, and the recent OpenSSL libraries.

I tested this in the office with some shareware Windows FTP servers, and
it seemed to work well in unsecured, implicit and explicit modes.

However, now that the time for deployment has arrived, we've asked the
company that runs our website to set up an FTP server. They chose vsftpd
running on SuSE Linux. They had a copy of our application to test things
with. Apparently, all secure connections were being being rejected as my
application wasn't providing a certificate to authenticate myself.

I'm afraid my knowledge of TLS is quite rusty, but I'd like to know how
come the Windows FTP clients were accepted the connection but vsftpd
doesn't. Do I need to specify a certificate somewhere when setting up
the FTP client?


Bryan Feeney