Buffering example for Indy 10

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Subject: Buffering example for Indy 10
Posted by:  the bun (rosario.carbo…@btinternet.com)
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005


who has a good buffering example with Write(aTIdBytes) om the server and a ReadBytes() on the client?

My program seems to broken over a buffer size of 32k.

What is strange is that the write seems to write the right buffer size i.e. 100000 but the ReadBytes receive a buffer size for example of 24000 (I can't be precise at the moment) and seems to read about in the middle.

What is strange is that Indy 10 has not an automatic buffering working with byte arrays and seems to have usinf writeln and readln where I have never experienced problems with packed of data.

Actually what do you think I should use as size limit for packages of data which I have to load to the arrays?

Any suggests would be very appreciated.

Everybody have a good weekend

The bun