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Subject: Re: Indy support forums
Posted by:  Stephan Eggermont (steph…
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005

Don Schoeman <d…> wrote:
> I'm new to Indy and noticed that there are no support forums available. I
> personally find forums to be much for friendly than Newsgroups or mailing
> lists. The better forum engines usually have great search functionality,
> etc. My question is, if I setup and host a good forum system, will anybody
> use it? Will it be a bad thing to further split up the community and the
> places for the dev's to answer questions from users?
> If other people think that it might not be such a bad idea I would use
> VBulletin for the forums. Let me know of your thoughts.

Personally, I hate forums. Totally unusable for large volumes.
There are decent newsreaders available that can handle off-line
reading, and therefore search, much better than any forum.
You could mirror to a forum, though.



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