Install Indy 10 updates in D2005

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Subject: Install Indy 10 updates in D2005
Posted by:  Ron (rramag…
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005

I have observed numerous postings concerning difficulties with the installation of Indy on various platforms and especially in Delphi 2005.  I have also seen numerous requests for clearer installation instructions and/or requests for install scripts.  For whatever reason, those are not being provided.  Since such instructions would greatly lower the postings and response times on this site, then I assume there are compelling reasons these instructions are not being provided as requested.

The basic instructions I have for install are:

Compile IndySystemsXX.bpl
Compile IndyCoreXX.bpl
Compile IndyProtocolsXX.bpl
Install dclIndyCoreXX.bpl
Install dclIndyProtocolsXX.bpl

Where XX is the version of the platform you are using i.e. for D2005 users XX = 90.
Through postings on this site I have determined that the files are to all remain open in the IDE while compiling and installing the packages in the order shown above.  I have also learned through the site that I should go to Component-Install Packages in Delphi and remove the references to the Indy Core and Indy Protocols.  I have also found that I needed to move the unpacked dcl files to the Delphi bin folder before trying to install them.

After doing this, I have found I can compile the first three packages fine, but am not getting the dcl units to install.  I also understand I do not need to compile the dcl packages first, only install.  After trying several things, then going back to this site several times, then trying more things, etc., I am still not getting these packages to install.  At first I tried to ignore them, as the other files compiled and the original dcl files were installed when D2005 was installed.  However, now I am getting into errors with HTTP client component and believe this may be the cause. I do not want to go back and reload D2005 to get them back.

Currently when trying to install the updated dcl files I get the following error:

"The procedure entry point @Idglobal@Min$qqrxjxj could not be located in the dynamic link library IndySystem90.bpl."

When others have posted similar problems, there were only short responses, if any response to that posting, and no clear sets of instructions.  So, I am asking that more installation details be provided.  Such as:

1.  What files, if any, should be removed first before attempting to install the Indy updated files?
2.  What files need to be placed in the D2005 bin directory?
3.  Do you have a specific recommendation for placement of the system, core and protocols files, both source and dcu before compiling them?
4.  Are there any other instructions needed before trying to update these files?

I really do appreciate the time and effort the Indy team is putting into this project.