Re: Install Indy 10 updates in D2005

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Subject: Re: Install Indy 10 updates in D2005
Posted by:  user@domain.invalid
Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2005

Ron wrote:
> Currently when trying to install the updated dcl files I get the following error:
> "The procedure entry point @Idglobal@Min$qqrxjxj could not be located in the dynamic link library IndySystem90.bpl."
> When others have posted similar problems, there were only short responses, if any response to that posting, and no clear sets of instructions.  So, I am asking that more installation details be provided.  Such as:
> 1.  What files, if any, should be removed first before attempting to install the Indy updated files?

All of them should be removed. Remove the packages from the Delphi IDE
(uncheck and delete from package list), then all existing indy files.
After that, copy the new files to their resting place and follow the
usual install process.

> 2.  What files need to be placed in the D2005 bin directory?

None. The BPLs should go to My Documents\Borland Studio Projects\Bpl by

> 3.  Do you have a specific recommendation for placement of the system, core and protocols files, both source and dcu before compiling them?

It's arbitrary. As long as the IDE has the path to them (Options ->
Library), anywhere is fine.


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