TidSMTP->Send freezing, Part III

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Subject: TidSMTP->Send freezing, Part III
Posted by:  David Perkins (no@spam.ta)
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005

I've been having periodic trouble with TidSMTP.Send being called and
never returning.  I've added a 30 second timeout value but it still
occasionally occurs.

I recently added madExcept to my BCB program and it detected the
following freeze:

madExcept version : 2.7g
exception message : The application seems to be frozen.

main thread ($168):
7c90eb94 ntdll.dll                          KiFastSystemCallRet
7c90e9be ntdll.dll                          NtWaitForSingleObject
7c91096d ntdll.dll                          RtlReleasePebLock
71aa150a WS2HELP.dll                        WahReferenceContextByHandle
71ab2e64 WS2_32.dll                          select
0042eb3e MsgCentre.exe Idstackwindows        TIdStackWindows.WSSelect
0042c8b8 MsgCentre.exe Idsockethandle        _16415
0042c97c MsgCentre.exe Idsockethandle        TIdSocketHandle.Readable
0042446b MsgCentre.exe Idiohandlersocket    TIdIOHandlerSocket.Readable
00430908 MsgCentre.exe Idtcpconnection      TIdTCPConnection.ReadFromStack
00430c99 MsgCentre.exe Idtcpconnection      TIdTCPConnection.ReadLn
00430d93 MsgCentre.exe Idtcpconnection      TIdTCPConnection.ReadLnWait
004317ae MsgCentre.exe Idtcpconnection
00430763 MsgCentre.exe Idtcpconnection      TIdTCPConnection.GetResponse
00430e0d MsgCentre.exe Idtcpconnection      TIdTCPConnection.SendCmd
004314e3 MsgCentre.exe Idtcpconnection      TIdTCPConnection.SendCmd
0042c09c MsgCentre.exe Idsmtp                TIdSMTP.Send
0040edb9 MsgCentre.exe TServerEmail.cpp  192 TServerEmail.Send

I have a couple of these errors in my log file.  Could anyone cast any
light on why this could be happening?

The winsock versions are:

WS2HELP.dll  5.1.2600.2180
WS2_32.dll    5.1.2600.2180
SOCK32.DLL    5.1.2600.2180

Running BCBv5, Indy

This is a show stopper for me... Any ideas?