Re: TidSMTP->Send freezing, Part III

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Subject: Re: TidSMTP->Send freezing, Part III
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005

"David Perkins" <no@spam.ta> wrote in message

> 004317ae MsgCentre.exe Idtcpconnection
> 00430763 MsgCentre.exe Idtcpconnection      TIdTCPConnection.GetResponse
> 00430e0d MsgCentre.exe Idtcpconnection      TIdTCPConnection.SendCmd
> 004314e3 MsgCentre.exe Idtcpconnection      TIdTCPConnection.SendCmd
> 0042c09c MsgCentre.exe Idsmtp                TIdSMTP.Send

That log looks suspiciously messed up to me, for two reasons:

1) Since there are 2 calls to SendCmd(), there should also be 2 calls to
GetResponse() as well.  But only 1 call is appearing in the log.

2) ReadLnWait() calls ReadLn() in a loop until a non-blank line appears on
the connection.  For ReadLn() to block on WSSelect(), no data would have to
be coming over the connection at all.  That suggests to me that either a)
the server is not communicating properly, or b) (more likely) the reading of
the connection has gotten out of sync with the writting, such as ReadLn()
ends up waiting for data that will never arrive.

Also, you did not show your code, so it is hard to diagnose.

Also, 9.0.18 is not the latest version of Indy 9 available.  Those files are
dated back in November 2004, 9 months ago.  The development snapshot is



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