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Subject: Re: improve a remote control application (make it go faster)
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005

"Santy Concepción" <santyw…> wrote in message

> To transfer the desktop image...
> we capture the screen to a BMP, then save it to JPG, compress it
> using UCL compression and save to a Stream, just to send it to
> the remote computer. Is this the faster method?

JPG is already compressed quite a bit, so using additional compression won't
help much.  I would suggest using either JPG or UCL but not both.  Also,
since JPG is a lossy format anyway, it would probably be better to just
compress the BMP directly instead of using JPG (unless you don't care about
reproducing the original quality of the images on the receiving end).

Also, the best way to send a series of images quickly is to not send
complete images to begin with.  After you have sent the first image, each
subsequent image should only send the *differences* from the previous image
for the portions that have actually changed.  This means that you are
transmitting much less data, and performing less intense image updates on
the receiving end.  Of course, you should send a complete image
periodically, say once a minute or so, to ensure that the display on the
receiving end stays in sync and can recover if the image differentials
become out-of-sync or corrupted.



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