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Subject: Re: FDSet.fd_count
Posted by:  Gustavo Ricardi (gricar…
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005

I'm not sure but this might have some relation with the problems I have.

Using the FTP client the connection sometimes freezes when in different
parts of the login process. Also it happens in transfers or when listing
Also, I have coded a telnet client that uses indy TCP. With indy 9
everything worked fine waiting for new data with Readable(10000), but with
indy10 I had to reduce the of timeout to 50 milliseconds to avoid blocking.

There is another problem with Disconnect. I had to (in both my own telnet
client and idftp) add the follwing code before a disconnect:


Without this line, the Connected property continues saying that the the
socket is connected just because the inputbuffer still contain data.

Best regards,

Gustavo Ricardi
Chief Technology Officer
Cybele Software Inc.



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FDSet.fd_count posted by Lokki on Sun, 11 Sep 2005