Thread pooling, server optimization performances.

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Subject: Thread pooling, server optimization performances.
Posted by:  the bun (rosario.carbo…
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005

I have already posted this post to the support but probably someone of you has experience in thread pooling and server optimization performances.

I have a short lived connection server which has many connections simultanuely and then we concern about performances and want to reuse threads kept in a pool instead of freeing them, for example 15 threads.

In Indy 9 we used TIdThreadMgrPool into the ThreadMgr property of a TIdTCPServer and it worked well.

With Indy 10 ThreadMgr doesn't exist anymore and we have a scheduler property now, all right? Now reading the documentation Indy specifies that the TIdSchedulerOfThreadDefault is the default thread management, but there is no example code, does it mean it is automatically handled by the server with no implementation of code? I don't understand.

Another possibility is the use of the component TIdSchedulerOfThreadPool which according to the
documentation you should assign to the scheduler, but you can't do it at design time or you have an access violation when you free the server, it doesn't work at all because whatever you assign in its properties MaxThreads and PoolSize the threads are never freed and then causes a memory leak.

The documentation says that it is planned that this component will be improved in the future, has it been improved?

Here is my code anyway, which I need to modify in order to avoid the memory leak:

  FIdTCPServer: TIdTCPServer;
  FIdThreadMgrPool: TIdSchedulerOfThreadPool;

procedure TfrmEngineMain.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  FIdTCPServer.ContextClass := TECLTEThread;
  FIdTCPServer.Scheduler    := FIdThreadMgrPool;

The memory leak is caused because the destructor of the custom thread class (TECLTEThread) is never called, if I don't use any scheduler (if I don't set anything in this property) the destructor is called any time a thread has finished, freeing then the memory.

N.B. The PoolSize property is set to 0 (as suggested by the documentation) and MaxThreads is set to 15 (but could be set to anything).

P.S. The Indy version installed is 10.0.20, the documentation is probably newer respect to the release.

Have you experienced similar problems? Have you some example code?


Rosario Carbone