Newbie help for a web server

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Subject: Newbie help for a web server
Posted by:  Lorne (Lorne_Anders…
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005

I want to write a program in Delphi for use by sports clubs.  These clubs
have web sites (usually maintained by non-expert computer user members, so
simple html code and no scripts) on public ISP's (like Tiscali, Wanadoo, BT
etc) to display results and advertise future events.  The client program is
intended to retrieve data requested by the user from a database on the
server (prefer ADO connection/access database as I know how to program
that).  The user should also be able to post data to the database that
others can retrieve.

I can see how to do this (I think) from Indy demos if the computers are all
on a LAN but all the server examples require you to launch an exe and press
a button to activate it and start listening for a connection.  How do I
write a server that will sit on a public web site and listen for my client
program to make a request?

Are there any demos on how to do this?

Am I right to consider Indy for the server or should I look at php or other
scripts (and if so where can I see a demo) ?

The specific Indy 9 Demo I am looking at that I can make work on a LAN is
called SendReceiveRecords and has:
"Rev 1.0    26/10/2004 13:05:10  ANeillans    Version: 9.0.17"
in the header.

I am using Delphi 7 and have Indy 9 components installed (but I presume
could go to Indy 10 if required).

Many thanks for any help you can give me.