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Subject: Re: Newbie help for a web server
Posted by:  user@domain.invalid
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005

Lorne wrote:
> I can see how to do this (I think) from Indy demos if the computers are all
> on a LAN but all the server examples require you to launch an exe and press
> a button to activate it and start listening for a connection.  How do I
> write a server that will sit on a public web site and listen for my client
> program to make a request?

For that you'd need administrative access on the public web site's
server. It would be a major security risk if anyone were allowed to just
drop an executable and leave it running. There's also the platform
issue, Windows VS Linux, and whether your server application could cope
with that.

> Am I right to consider Indy for the server or should I look at php or other
> scripts (and if so where can I see a demo) ?

You can not write servers with bare PHP. Clients yes, servers no. Even
if you could it'd be as frustrating to implement as picking up ants with
a boxing glove.


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