Delphi5: Installing Indy10 not working

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Subject: Delphi5: Installing Indy10 not working
Posted by:  Peter Selter (jpselt…
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005

Hello out there!

I have a problem with installing Indy10: I used the installer that
correctly installed Indy10 into my Borland Delphi 5. It seems to work as
I have all Indy components in my symbol bar. But when I load a demo
program (several different demos, official and not official) I get the
error message "error reading pnlAttachments.DesignSize. parameter not
existing". Seems as if something is missing. When I try to compile the
whole thing I get more errors.
I already made a clean re-install of Delphi and Indy10, I also deleted
the old folders. But I can´t do more than using the install package.
What went wrong? Thanks for any help!

regards, Peter Selter