Indy Install 10.1.3

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Subject: Indy Install 10.1.3
Posted by:  Tony Christiansen (to…
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005

Hi everyone

Using D7

I just installed v10.1.3 of Indy and recompiled etc. I did have v10.0.76.

When I open a project with a tidHTTP component it reports that
AuthRetries property is missing but when I rightclick on the component
it reports v10.1.3 (how can this be?)

I have scoured my drive for old versions deleted everything I can find
that is not dated today when I recompiled and have reinstalled the
packages and pointed everything to the latest v10 folder.

If I drop a new tidHTTP component onto a form it is fine but has no
authretries property!!

Thanks for any help