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Subject: Re: Indy Install 10.1.3
Posted by:  Jeremy Darling (jdarli…
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005

AuthRetries is a public (not published any more) read only property.  Their
is probiably a reference to it in your DFM file some place.  Try opening as
text searching for it and removing it if it exists (though Delphi should do
that for you).  Then perform a build and see what happens.  In case your
curious what it is here is the help file entry:

number of retry attempts that were made for Authentication
AuthRetries is a published Integer property in TIdHTTP, and represents the
number of retries attempted when performing authentication for the TIdHTTP
client connection.

AuthRetries is used when an HTTP protocol handler for the client connection
attempts to process a protocol response code that indicates authentication
or proxy authentication is required (401 or 407).

AuthRetries is incremented on each attempt to authenticate. AuthRetries is
compared to the value in the MaxAuthRetries property that indicates the
maximum number of authentication requests allowed to determine if additional
authentication requests are allowed.

When permitted, the request is performed using the OnAuthorization event

Use AuthProxyRetries to determine the current number of authentication
attempts issued for the proxy server identified in ProxyParams.


"Tony Christiansen" <to…> wrote in message
> Hi everyone
> Using D7
> I just installed v10.1.3 of Indy and recompiled etc. I did have v10.0.76.
> When I open a project with a tidHTTP component it reports that AuthRetries
> property is missing but when I rightclick on the component it reports
> v10.1.3 (how can this be?)
> I have scoured my drive for old versions deleted everything I can find
> that is not dated today when I recompiled and have reinstalled the
> packages and pointed everything to the latest v10 folder.
> If I drop a new tidHTTP component onto a form it is fine but has no
> authretries property!!
> Thanks for any help
> Tony


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