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Subject: Re: Cannot load IndySystem50
Posted by:  Sunish (sunish.n…@g.mail)
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005

Iam also having the same problem and been struggling for days. I
removed the filecntrl dependency by having a local copy of the
DirectoryExists function. Thought that would end the problem, but still
the package couldn't be installed in the IDE. At last I could install
the package by compiling it and then adding the designtime bpl directly
using the Install Packages option. Thought that was the end of it,only
to find more errors in the unit IDReply.pas on the line having
EIdException.IfFalse.I was trying to compile the mail demo. I had a
working Indy9 app which I wanted to port to Indy10.Looks like its a
long way to go.


Ross McMillan wrote:

> I'm wrestling with getting my D5 installation rrunning with the Indy
> 10 snapshot.
> When I try to install the package dclIndyCore50.bpl I get the error
> message:
> "Cannot load package 'IndySystem50'.  It contains unit FileCtrl,
> ahich is also cointained in package vclx50'
> Any takes on this?



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Cannot load IndySystem50 posted by Ross McMillan on Mon, 7 Nov 2005