Re: Indy60.lib not created in 9.0.18 when using Fullc6.bat

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Subject: Re: Indy60.lib not created in 9.0.18 when using Fullc6.bat
Posted by:  Randal Carpenter (wa…
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005


I had success in both C++ builder 5 and 6, but I took a slightly
different approach that just using the batch files (mainly due to
lazyness, but it mighta got me some where).  My Steps were for c++
builder 6 (replace C6 with C5 for builder 5):

1. Removed the old 9.0.17 package from c++ builder.
2. deleted the C6 directory that was created on last build
3. Left the old Indy_9.0.17_source directory
4. Unzipped the 9.0.18 source over the top of the old source, after all
it saved me from having to create a new direcory :P
5. It somehow felt wrong so I renamed the source directory from
Indy_9.0.17_source to Indy_9 since it was no longer 9.0.17 in the
folder, thus thrwarting my attempt to be lazy.
6. ran the clean.bat from explorer, because everyone likes to start out
7. ran the Fullc6.bat from exporer
8. Went back in and added the indy design package into c++ builder
9. Went to about on a component and confirmed it to be 9.0.18
10. Recompiled my current project, and all seems good

I suspect that since mine worked where yours failed that maybe I used
something from 9.0.17 that was missing in 9.0.18 besides the batch files.


julien moorrees wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to install 9.0.18 by copying the installation batch-files
> from the 9.0.17 release (there are no installation batches in the 9.0.18
> release). When running this install on the 9.0.18 tree, the Indy60.lib
> file is not generated, but I don't know why.
> When running the batch files from the 9.0.17 tree, the Indy60.lib is
> generated without any problems. I Have no Idea what the problem is.
> I've added the output of the building process:
>  >>>>>>>>>>>>  9.0.18  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> IdAbout.pas
> IdAntiFreeze.pas


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Indy60.lib not created in 9.0.18 when using Fullc6.bat posted by julien moorrees on Thu, 10 Nov 2005