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Subject: Re: Install Problem after 10
Posted by:  Kees Vermeulen (in…
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005

newman wrote:
> I am running delphi 7 sp2, windows xp sp2 and was using indy 9.  I
> uninstalled 9, and used the automatic installer for 10.  Now when I drop an
> ftp client on a form, and try a build i get "[Fatal Error] Required package
> 'indy' not found"  I have "C:\Program Files\Indy 10 for Delphi 7\LibD7" in
> the library path,  a search shows no "indy.bpl" on my c drive but I do have
> Indycore70.bpl, indyprotocols70.bpl, and indysystem70.bpl, all  in
> c:\windows\system32

I think you have to remove all the *.dcu files associated with indy 9
from your Delphi\bin dir.




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