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Subject: Re: idHTTP / Proxy
Posted by:  B (C)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005


"B" <C> wrote in message news:1B518CF7C8E3E240C...
> I'm using the Indy idHTTP component to retrieve data from a webpage.
> The webpage also requires the user to log on with a username and password.
> Now i'm required to use this application with a proxy server.
> I've added the proxyparams, e.g. username, password, server, port,
> basicAuthentication.
> But i keep on getting the error "407Proxy Authentication required (ISA
> server require autorisation)"
> The code i'm using works for other proxy applications, but not for this
> client.
> Whats going wrong and how do i get past this?
> Many thanks!



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