Bug?! TIdAntiFreeze

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Subject: Bug?! TIdAntiFreeze
Posted by:  Marc Geldon (marcgeld…@web.de)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005

Hello Indy Team!

I have tried several things to get the TIdAntiFreeze to work. Nothing
happened. I did not register any change. Then I've set some breakpoints in
"IdAntiFreeze.pas". The procedure "ShouldUse" was never called. Then I found
out, that only "ShouldUse" on TIdAntiFreezeBase is called. But this function
always returns "false".

So I've changed "IdSocketHandle.pas" and "IdIOHandlerStack.pas", that they
are using "TIdAntiFreeze" instead of "TIdAntiFreezeBase". Now the stuff does

I don't know if the changes I have made a correct but I think this
"TIdAntiFreeze / TIdAntiFreezeBase" problem should be investigated by the
Indy Team.

There is also a global object called "GAntiFreeze". But also this is a
TIdAntiFreezeBase, maybe also here a TIdAntiFreeze object has to be created?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,