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Subject: Re: Bug?! TIdAntiFreeze
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005

"Marc Geldon" <marcgeld…> wrote in message

> I have tried several things to get the TIdAntiFreeze to work. Nothing
> happened. I did not register any change. Then I've set some breakpoints
> in "IdAntiFreeze.pas". The procedure "ShouldUse" was never called.
> Then I found out, that only "ShouldUse" on TIdAntiFreezeBase is called.
> But this function always returns "false".

Which build of Indy are you actually using?  TIdAntiFreezeBase.ShouldUse()
is currently a virtual method that TIdAntiFreeze overrides.

> So I've changed "IdSocketHandle.pas" and "IdIOHandlerStack.pas",
> that they are using "TIdAntiFreeze" instead of "TIdAntiFreezeBase".
> Now the stuff does work.

You should not have done that.

> There is also a global object called "GAntiFreeze". But also this
> is a TIdAntiFreezeBase

As it should be.

> maybe also here a TIdAntiFreeze object has to be created?




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