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Subject: Re: VB.Net
Posted by:  Jim (rep…@groups.please)
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005

If you find any, let me know.

I downloaded the VB.Net NNTP Post example (located at to test out and learn more
about Indy, but it referenced a Borland file (Borland.VclRtl) not included
in Indy 10 or the VB.Net NNTP Post example.

When I asked about this missing file in the
atozedsoftware.indy.protocol.nntp newsgroup, "Remy Lebeau (TeamB)" told me
that I should use Delphi.

This makes me wonder why the VB.Net example is even posted.

I got the distinct feeling from the response that they (or Remy at least)
has no use for .Net developers unless it is Delphi.Net.

Perhaps I should speak with someone on the "A" team.......who knows?

I wish them all well.....and you also.

"Chris Knipe" <sava…> wrote in message
> Hi,
> Can anyone please just dump some general VB.Net examples on how to use and
> implement Indy?  There's absolutely *nothing* in the examples / demos for
> VB.Net, and the bit that is there for Visual Studio .NET is a mere HTTP
> Get request?? :-(
> As a VB .NET programmer, I feel very left out and in the dark here...
> Hehe..
> I'm specifically interested in a TCPServer example, the main loop and the
> associated events...
> Hope someone can help me.
> Thanks,
> Chris.


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