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Subject: Re: Indy 9 in a Cyber Cafe software
Posted by:  poojo hackma (
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005

Here's an approach:

Store the Server's Now() time in a variable and add to it the amount of
Internet time your customer has purchased. For the purpose of this message,
let's use dtSessionEndTime.

Now, whenever the Server's Now() time is equal to dtSessionEndTime, simply
close the Indy connection.

You may also want to start displaying the Session Ending Time in red
blinking numbers as it gets below X minutes.  This will give your customers
time to get back up to the desk to purchase more Internet minutes or give
them time to wrap up what they are working on before their connection is

Regarding your earlier post that I responded to, you would only want to keep
the time on the Client's PC if you go in and disable the ability to change
the system time on it, which is a topic for another thread.

"WS" wrote in message news:5481599C4CE6E240wsautodida…
>I am developing a LAN House software with Indy 9.
> After the user logs in the client machine, at every second the database
> and
> both the server and the client GUI  will be updated with the remainning
> time,
> time elapsed and the session ending time.
> What is the best aproch to this?
> A timer on the client, sending the information to the server at every
> second?
> A timer in the server, sending the information to every connected clieint?
> A timer for every client on the server?
> Other suggestions?



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