Re: [D7 + Newbie] Getting rid of "EIdSocketError 'Socket Error # 10004 "?

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Subject: Re: [D7 + Newbie] Getting rid of "EIdSocketError 'Socket Error # 10004 "?
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006

"John Smith" <someo…> wrote in message

> Can you tell me how to stop being bothered by this exception?

Wrap your code in a try..except block, and make sure that EIdSocketError has
been added to the debugger's list of exceptions to ignore.

>  Project tray.exe raised exception class EIdSocketError with message
> 'Socket Error # 10004 Interrupted system call.'. Process stopped. Use
> Step or Run to continue.

That is the debugger catching the exception before your code ever has a
chance of seeing it.  See above.

> FWIW, I did try the following code, but I get an error
> "Undeclared identifier: 'EIdException'":

You probably did not add 'IdException' to your uses clause.  Even if you do
that, though, that will not stop the above popup message from being
displayed.  You need to configure the debugger itself for that.



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