Re: TIdFTP.Get to overwrite the file

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Subject: Re: TIdFTP.Get to overwrite the file
Posted by:  Don (kingfi…
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006

>I have used the TIdFTP to get a file from server.
> However. if  there is already a file in my local folder, it caused an
> exception.

> IdFTP1.Get(...., ...., TRUE, TRUE);

> As I set the CanOverwrite parameter to TRUE, why it caused an exception ?

First, unless you want restart a failed download, you need to use:

    Get(sSrc, sDest, True, False);

Use of the CanOvewrite and CanResume arguments are covered in the docs.

If the file us in use, or has read-only attributes, the Get operation will
fail with an exception.  What is the message in the exception?


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