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Subject: Status of current snapshot
Posted by:  Frans Bouwmans (fbouwma…
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006


I was having some problems with memory leaks. Therefore I downloaded the
latest snapshot of 30 january to see if the problems still exist. However
this version does not compile and the latest changes where already a week
old. Is somebody currently working on changes. I also saw that the current
development snapshot is very different from the latest stable release
( of Indy10.
The CM system has been changed from team coherence to  starteam etc. This
also makes it difficult to see the changes between the latest stable and the
current version, because all files have changed.

Frans Bouwmans

I know that there are some critical sections which intentional leak. However
I also have problems with TIdSMTPEnhancedCode and TIdThreadSafeInteger.