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Subject: Re: Status of current snapshot
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006

"Frans Bouwmans" <fbouwma…> wrote in message

> this version does not compile

Please be more specific.  What EXACTLY does not compile?  What are the EXACT
error messages?

> Is somebody currently working on changes.

The snapshot is always under active development.  It is Indy's live code.

> I also saw that the current development snapshot is very different
> from the latest stable release ( of Indy10.

10.0.52 is over 14 months old.  A lot has happened in that timeframe.

> The CM system has been changed from team coherence to  starteam etc.

Yes.  But that only effects how the code is stored.  There has been a lot of
work on the actual code itself as well.

> This also makes it difficult to see the changes between the latest
> stable and the current version, because all files have changed.

That is what Diff tools and changelogs are for.

> However I also have problems with TIdSMTPEnhancedCode and
> TIdThreadSafeInteger.

Please be more specific.



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