Indy 10 + FPC 2.0.2

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Subject: Indy 10 + FPC 2.0.2
Posted by:  Filipe (
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006

First of all, I want to congratulate your effort in porting Indy to Free

Now I'm trying to compile Indy 10 on FPC 2.0.2 end the compilation get
some errors. The messages that I'm getting are:
IdStackConsts.pas(157,28) Error: Identifier not found IPV6_UNICAST_HOPS"
IdStackConsts.pas(157,45) Error: Illegal expression
IdStackConsts.pas(158,28) Error: Identifier not found IPV6_MULTICAST_IF"
IdStackConsts.pas(158,45) Error: Illegal expression
IdStackConsts.pas(159,30) Error: Identifier not found "IPV6_MULTICAST_HOPS"
IdStackConsts.pas(159,49) Error: Illegal expression
.... and much more.

Now I'll try with lattest version of the FPC compiler. But I on your
site reports that version 2.0.2 must work. There is anything that must
be configured on the FPC before I can try compile Indy?