Indy+FPC/Lazarus+TCP Server=EIdTCPNoOnExecute?

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Subject: Indy+FPC/Lazarus+TCP Server=EIdTCPNoOnExecute?
Posted by:  Filipe (
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006

Hello, finally I could build my app using FPC/Lazarus+Indy. This is a
very nice think.

But when running my app I get the error EIdTCPNoOnExecute with message:
"You must have OnExecute event".
This was changed from previous versions of indy 10? Because the code I'm
compiling is exactly the code I've compiled on indy10+kylix, and it works!

My server class inherits from TIdTCPServer, and overrides the
DoExecute() function.
I must implement this event to the server works?