Strange problem with TIdIcmpClient

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Subject: Strange problem with TIdIcmpClient
Posted by:  Simon A. (saberu…
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006


I have a very strange problem with TIdIcmpClient. I'm using it in an
application that have to connect to a remote network server.  This server is
not always online, so I ping it to avoid useless connection attemps.

I have 4 different applications using the TIdIcmpClient. Two of them ping
the same adress and the other 2 ping two different addresses.

Normally, everything is working fine. Everybody send there ping, and gets
the rsEcho answer from the OnReply event method when the server are up and
rsTimeOut when the server are down.

Now, the strange thing. If I start the 4 application one after the other
(the four in a row), the two applications pingning the same IP address
starts to get rsEcho (ping ok) answer from the OnReply , even if the server
are down! They always get answer from the ping until I close the other two
application pingning two diffrent IP addresses. When those two application
are closed, OnReply starts to give good result again, in occurence,

I thing this very strange. I did many test, and I always get the same
behavior. Is there a possibility of crosstalk between the application
through the Windows internals TCP stack? Do you have some ideas about that?

Thank you very much

Simon A.