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Subject: Re: Google ranking
Posted by:  Lance Ras (lan…
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006

Each search engine has their own scheme and formula.

A lot of it has to do with key words and other things.  However some,
such as Google, are actually penalizing sites that get over aggressive
in  techniques that are intended for creating higher ranks or broader

Tunneling techniques, for example, will most likely get your site
demoted.  There was an article that an auto manufacture was using a
tunnel technique legitimately to manage its visitors, but Google saw it
as being over aggressive and then demoted/removed them. After some head
butting and some modification, Google restored their status.

If you are looking for ways to "work the system" to programatically work
the rank up, good luck.  I have yet to see something that works....  or
that works for more than a short period until the search engine slaps
you for doing it.


fer wrote:
> hi
> how google and yahoo decide which link is most popular than others. and when
> somebody tries a search how they decide the ranking of the related links and
> moves them up ?..
> does they store the hits of the all pages ?.. how they know the hts of the
> pages ?..
> and how the ranking could risen programatically ?..(what the ranking
> sofwares do ?..)
> fer



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