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Subject: Re: Updating Indy 10 in Delphi 2005
Posted by:  Ron Mertens (r…
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006

Brian wrote:
> Hmmm...what version of Indy 10 gets installed with Delphi 2005?  Is the downloadable one from the IndyProject site more current?  If the downloadable one is more current, WHICH downloadable from there is the correct one for Delphi 2005?  The download page goes from "Delphi 7" to "Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003".  And, finally, how would one go about updating the Indy installation in 2005?
> Brian

I updated the 2005 version of Indy 10 a while back... I wrote me a small
note on how to do it, it might help you too:

1.  Open delphi, components, install packages and remove two indy packages.

2. Remove all Indy related files (easy way - search for indy in delphi
directory). Delete what makes sense...

3. Download latest devsnap. Open to temp dir, and copy system,core and
prototolcs to the delphi/lib/indy10 directory.

4. Run delphi 2005. Open and compile the system,core and protocols from
that lib (There are D2005 files there, project files. Choose those with
90 in the name).

5. Install the core and protocols (I'm not sure if core installs or not).





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