Indy 9 with BCB6 - please help! :-)

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Subject: Indy 9 with BCB6 - please help! :-)
Posted by:  Matthias Peter (mpet…
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006

Hello out there,

for the last days I tried to integrate Indy9 with BCB6 without success.

Building of the library works fine. When I try to add the package, bcb.exe
alerts "Entry-point not found": The procedure entry point
"@Idresourcestrings@_RSBindingAny" was not found in the DLL "Indy60.bpl".

I could not figure out where this entry point is referenced or what has to
be changed to get it working.

Can anyone help me?

I reproduced this error with all available versions of Indy9 from 9.0.10 up
to 9.0.18, including the current development snapshot.

Thank you for any help.