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Subject: Re: Greeting still being sent?
Posted by:  Alan McFarlane (alan.mcfarla…
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006

Thank you, that worked!

Remy Lebeau (TeamB) wrote:
> "Alan McFarlane" <alan.mcfarla…> wrote in message
> news:E644949C76F2E240alan.mcfarla…
>> I'm using a custom greeting in a TCPCmdServer, which is being output
>> in the OnConnect event, however the original greeting is still being sent.
>> Why?
> You probably did not disable the original Greeting at all.  You should not
> be doing so in the OnConnect event (especially since you are not doing it
> correctly anyway).  You should be disabling the Greeting at design-time
> instead.
>> I've looked into the source (IdCmdTCPServer.pas) and it appears to
>> call my OnConnect event, then immediately checks ti see if the
>> Greeting.ReplyExists (which it shouldn't given that I've disabled it!)
> No, you are not.  You are disabling the Greeting for the
> TIdContext.Connection, not for the TIdCmdTCPServer itself.  It is the
> server's Greeting, not the Connection's, that gets sent after the OnConnect
> event handler exits.
> Gambit



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