Strange behavior on one machine

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Subject: Strange behavior on one machine
Posted by:  Perry Way (
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006

I am having strange behavior on one machine only.  I have made a web server
using TIdTCPServer.  It has run fine on many machines, up to a month at a
time without a reboot or restart.  But one machine (Windows 2000 Pro)
sporadically maxes out 100% CPU and starts eating up RAM rather quickly.
Within a few minutes all RAM is gone and machine is unresponsive.  I have
been so frustrated with this problem that I installed Delphi on this
particular machine and have tried to debug this problem on the problem
machine.  It appears that when the CPU's are maxed out, that the
TIdTCPServer cannot be deactivated without access violations.

I had thought this problem was associated to the HDD powering down or the
machine shutting off because it seems to happen when the greatest amount of
inactivity occurs.  But I have addressed those concerns.  The problem
appears to be  TCP related, from what I can tell using Process Explorer.

My question to this group is.. has anyone encountered strange behavior like
this, or does anyone know if there was some bug reported in the past which
has something to do with this sort of behavior?  I am rather curious about
version 10.  I am using version 9.0.4 currently.  Really, I'd like to find
out what is stimulating this problem.  When CPU's max out and RAM gets eaten
up, there are no exceptions occuring (trapped or otherwise).  When I
terminate my program, that is when the AV's occur and the program will not
shut down.  It has to be terminated by Delphi (while debugging) or by Task
Manager (outside the IDE).