D6 Indy in a component

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Subject: D6 Indy in a component
Posted by:  Stephen Kenny (steph…@thekennys.org)
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006

I know I've seen this problem in questions somewhere else, but I can't
find them.
Delphi 6. I'm using Indy components (SMTP client) in a component, and
it works fine
when I manually reference the component and compile and run a test
When I try and include component in the palette, it tells me that I
need to recompile 'never-recompile' library, Indy60.
This immediately looks like I've got some old Indy libraries laying
around, but a full disk search for id*.pas/dcu, and indy60.bpl,
indicates that I don't.
I do have Delphi 2006 which came with Delphi 9 & 10, but they are not
in any of the D6 library search paths, nor are the D2006 library
directories in the system PATH variable.
Can anyone point me in a direction?