Re: Indy 10.0.52 for Delphi 7

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Subject: Re: Indy 10.0.52 for Delphi 7
Posted by:  Jamie Dale (j.da…
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006

> I installed Indy 10.0.52  for Delphi 7 but now I get the following error
> when starting the compler:
> Cannot load package 'IndySystem70.' It contains IdWinSock2, 'which is also
> cantained in package indy70'.
> How can I fix it?

Don't bother its crap. Download the latest snapshot instead. Compile the
Computil prject into a .exe and run the D7.bat file.

10.0.52 doesn't even have TIdCustomTCPServer.pas which is needed....

Get the latest snapshot from the 2nd mirror on the downloads page. The
snapshot isn't perfect either but at least it is maintained and worked on.

Hope this helps


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