Turn around time

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Subject: Turn around time
Posted by:  Malcolm Smith (m.smi…@comvision.net.au)
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006

I need some indication if an observation is within expected limits.

I have a server that delivers video data to a remote client.  Each frame is
about 4-20KB.

When the client is on the same machine, the time it takes to send an entire
frame of data (plus overhead associated with my protocol) takes approx 1ms
(between 0 and 2).

A remote connection on a 100base network takes anywhere from 50 to 200ms per
frame.  Is this degree of difference to be expected.

In order to get real time we need less than 40ms.  A 1000base network
certainly helps (don't have timing information for that) but I'm wondering
if there is something I can configure to push the data faster.

In the past I tried OpenWriteBuffer(), FlushWriteBuffer() etc but the
results were worse than using the Write() based functions and letting Indy
determine when to send the data.

Any advice, tips, things to try or have I reached the limits of the hardware