BDS2006 win32 and snapsho,t install help needed

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Subject: BDS2006 win32 and snapsho,t install help needed
Posted by:  Tarvirdi (m_tarvir…
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006

Dear friends,
I am using Indy 10.0.76 on BDS2006 win32 now and have problem with FTP
(sometimes some chars changed during get file on big file!). I decided to
upgrade to Indy 10.1.5.
In AtozedSoftware in "Indy Plus files" I can't find BDS2006 win32 ver!!!
can I find ready to install of 10.1.5 for BDS2006win32?where?

I downloaded snapshot from site
Unzipped to a d:\_\indy directory. Not ready BDS2006 win32, so I decided to
compile and build package. I started from base needed package "system", so
went to "\lib\system"  directory and found "Lib\System\IndySystem110.dpk"
and opened in BDS2006Win32.Try to compile but get error
"IdStreamRandomAccess.dcu not found"!!
For BDS2006win32 which packs should I use 100 or 110?