Re: Making "tunnel" client-server application (Indy 10)

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Subject: Re: Making "tunnel" client-server application (Indy 10)
Posted by:  Martin James (
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006

mirko wrote:
> Hello,
> I shall have to build some kind of gateway application using Indy 10 library.
> Below is the simple scheme that represents it's purpose.
> This application is more like tunnel, where all outgoing tunnel data
> is based on received server data, and vice versa.

'based on' means, I am guessing, that some sort of protocol conversion
happens in this 'tunnel'?  It's not just a relay of the data stream
'as-is', is it?

This can mean misery, since the protocol may have to be be translated in

You should give more details of the protocol/s.  For example, how do
connects/disconnects happen?  When a client connects to the LAN side of
the server, what server does the DSL client connect to in order to
complete the 'tunnel'?  Is it always the same server, or is this server
ID buried in the protocol?

If you are going to need high performance, you can forget using a TTimer
poll. You will need better inter-thread comms than that.



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