Range check error with Windows 98

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Subject: Range check error with Windows 98
Posted by:  Ian (suppo…@indiesoft.co.uk)
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006


I had a problem with a user running Windows ME.  She was getting a 'range
check error'. I couldn't reproduce the error in XP but through a process of
elimination I found that the error happened when I used the Post method of
an IdHTTP component.  The software was using Indy 9 at the time.  I upgraded
Indy to v10.0.52 and sent her a new version of the software and the problem
went away :)

But now I have another user running Windows 98 who is getting both a range
check error and a blue screen with the following message:

"A fatal exception 0E has occured at 0028:C02A27A8 in VXD VWIN32(05) +
000012D0. The current application will be terminated"

I'm not sure what would cause this but all the information I have points to
this error occuring during the HTTP post. I also need to mention that I am
using a TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL and the correct DLLs for this version
of Indy. It runs fine on all versions of Windows except this user's Windows
98.  I have not had any reports of errors in Win 98 from other users but
this may just be because it's the first time someone has installed it with
this OS. He has the same version of Windows 98 installed on 2 machines and
is experiencing the same error on both.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this as I'd like to get this user up and
running as soon as possible.

Thankyou for your help.